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My Career Plan is a time proven process used by thousands of people wanting to make the most out of their lives.  Our career planning begins with a structured process that will help you step by step develop a personalized career/life plan.

  Career Planning The five steps in My Career Plan course are:
  • Defining Career Goals
  • Personal Assessment
  • Industry/Job Research
  • Assembling Your Plan
  • Presenting Your Plan
  Getting Started


  The career planning process used by My Career Plan will give you an in-depth view of your career plan when completed.  The process includes detailed steps with timelines that can measure whether you are on track or need to allow yourself more time to reach your goals.  It will also allow you to interview professionals that are following the careers that interest you.  Through these interviews you will be able to determine whether the career area you have chosen is best for you.  If you want to start now, select the career path from the lsit below that best fits your goals.
Career Paths: High School
(Select One) College
Career Changers
  Levels of Service


My Career Plan is designed so that you may select the level of service that best suits you.  The three levels of service are:
Level One, Self Directed .   .   .   .   . $00.00 - ( e-mail Free at this time  )
Level Two, Assisted    .   .   .   .   .   . $95.00
Level Three, Professional   .   .   .   . $145.00

These levels of service will be discussed further in the career path section, but listed below is a brief discussion about each.

  1. The Self Directed course allows you to go through the same career planning process included in the other two courses, but without feedback services. This self-paced process is much like you were completing the career planning using a book, except that there are interactive sections.
  2. The Assisted course allows you to go through the planning modules and in addition receive feedback and suggestions from professional career advisors on each module.
  3. The Professional course allows you to go through the planning modules and to receive extensive feedback and suggestions on each module.  In addition this level of service provides professional coaching that includes assistance with: personal assessment, interviewing working professionals, and creating your dream career plan.
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