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Career Changers 
Career  Changers are an exciting group of people to work with.  If you are a career changer you have great life experiences, good sense of your dreams, and are capable of a high level of motivation. This group of adults also usually have a diverse set of skills.  Career changers also usually move much faster in the planning process than younger adults.  If you are not satisfied with your present work, give the process a try.  Your dreams can come true!
  Reasons for 
Everyone has a dream job in mind, but most people do not have a plan to get there.   Why would you work a mundane job that bores you to death?  Would you rather spend time working on your dream? Well you wouldn't build a house without consulting a professional and taking a great deal of time to insure success.   Is your life any less important than this example?
   Select Level of Service below to learn about the service and costs involved.  If you do not get help from us get it from someone, as your live is too important to run it by chance. 
  Getting Started


The career planning process used by My Career Plan is one that will give you an in-depth view of your career plan when completed.  One that has detailed steps with timelines that can measure whether you are on track or need to allow yourself more time to reach your goals.  It will allow you to personally meet professionals that are actually doing what you want to do.  You will be able to interview them and determine whether the career area you have chosen is best for you.  If you want to start now select the career path that best fits your goals.
  Levels of Service


My Career Plan is designed so that you may select the level of service that best suits you.  The three levels of service are:
Level One, Self Directed .   .   .   $00.00 ( Free at This Time  )
Level Two, Assisted    .   .   .   .   .   . $95.00
Level Three, Professional   .   .   .   . $145.00
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