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Professional Career Planning
Chapter 2
Self Assessment for Career Planning

Exercise 1 - Charting Your Lifeline

In this exercise you will learn about some of the events that have influenced you personal development.  Our lives in many ways reflect the events that have happened in our growing up.  Some events force us in one direction, while others may cause us to resist move in an opposite direction. 
     It is important when planning your future to take a look at your history.  Make a list of the people, places and events that have been important in shaping your life.  Looking at old photographs, talking to your family and old friends may assist you in recalling the major events from your past.  Some significant things you might include are: childhood events, starting school, moving, close friends, deaths, births, marriage, divorce, accomplishments, jobs you may have had.

Look at the following example of a lifeline drawn by a 24 year-old student.

  1. Draw a line that represents your life and the major events in it.  Mark the line up for events that represent high points in your life and mark the line down for events that represent low points.  Write the names of significant people or events at different stages of your life.  Write a brief description of the significant events and note how old you were when they occurred.  You may want to do a few trials rough sketched on a scrap of paper before you draw your completed lifeline. 
  2. When you have completed your lifeline write a few paragraphs about the following view points:
    • Look at the high points of your lifeline.  How did you feel about yourself at these points?  Why?
    • You  probably marked some low points on your lifeline.  Itís likely that your self-concept was somewhat negative at these points.  Why?
    • What influence did the people and events you included on your lifeline have on your life?
    • How do you think these events have influenced your career decisions?  The final work to be turned in for this assignment is the Life Line drawing and the summary paragraphs. 
Next Assignment: When you have completed all of this assignment, put your work in a file folder and continue on to the next exercise, Defining Your Personality.

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