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My Career Plan   

Congratulations - you have just taken the first step in developing your dream career. My Career Plan is a nonprofit organization, and uses a process that has helped thousands of our clients over the past fifteen years.  Our clients tell us we have helped them find the career of their dreams.  Ours is a simple process, much like any other planning process. Career planning begins with a vision, in this case, your dreams and aspirations.
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  Career Paths
Career paths:
  High school students
  College students
  Career changers
  Why Plan


. Is there a greater goal in life than having the career of your dreams?  It will not happen without your careful planning and active effort to make it a reality.  You might ask, "Why do I want to spend time and money working on my dream?"  Well, you wouldn't build a house without consulting a professional.  You wouldn't take an extended trip without the careful planning of: sites to see, drive times, lodging, meals, and how well this fit into your budget and time available .  Is your life any less important than these examples? 
  The Process


. Career planning with My Career Plan is fun and exciting.  Take a look at our Overview section to understand the steps in our process.  When you have completed your plan, you will have assembled information that will help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.  When you have the complete plan you will have a better picture of where you want to go, when you will get there, and what the cost will be.  The real fun begins when you start the process.  Why not start now?  Select a career path from the list above and investigate your future further.
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